New FREE service by CTPark!

Get SMS notifications for various events:

  • Your permit is about to expire
  • Ticket details
  • Towing details
  • Various information

If you wish to change or cancel the registration, please apply  CT Park office or contact company's hotline.

Just fill in your details for registration
Personal/Company ID
Car Plate Number
Phone Number

If you press button "I agree" it automatically means your consent on the  given terms on the web-site.

A confirmation code will be sent to your phone for details confirmation

Thank you,
your details have been accepted
and the service will be enabled
in the next few hours

Please type the code received

We are checking the code you typed

We were not able to process your details

The details are not formatted correctly

The phone number you wrote is incorrect

The Id /company number you wrote  is incorrect

Car plate number incorrect

A communication problem occurred when trying to verify personal details

The details do not match the official records

Your details are already registered

The session has expired please start over

Multiple attempts were found for this registration

Activation code is not formatted correctly

A problem occured while trying to send an SMS

A problem occured while trying to send an SMS

A problem occured while saving your details

A problem occured while saving your details

Activation code does not match

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