Parking Fees


Parking fee is determined by Tbilisi City Council and amounts to:

  • 50 (fifty) GEL per year
  • 25 (twenty five) GEL for 6 months
  • 4 (four) GEL per week

Pay the parking fee and feel free to park at parking places 24 hours all over the city!

To change parking permit from transit to state car plate number, please contact “CT Park“: service center, Kandelaki Str. 47.Tbilisi.

Foreign and transit car plate owners in order to avoid fines, please buy Parking Permit for your transit and foreign car plate numbers. Attention! While buying Parking permits, you should enter all car plate number & characters as it is on the ID (registration) card of the car. In particular, vehicles with Russian or French car plate numbers, you should enter the area/department written on the plate. For example: "A574AP177” or "AA229AA00”. While buying parking permit, please enter same symbols as there are on car plate number.

If you change a plate number from 6-digit to 7-digit (new car plate), your active parking permit will be transferred automatically, since 30.09.2014. To make sure, please, refer CT Park call center or visit web-site. You can check your parking permit as well in pay boxes.

See parking rules