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Special Secured Towing Lot

The Vehicle should be taken to Special Secured Towing Lot if:

For taking the vehicle from the special secured towing lot the Citizen should provide:

Note: 1. for each additional 24 hours on towing lot should be paid 10 GEL;
           2. On towing lot citizen receives a fine ticket (protocol of administrative violation) which should be paid during 30 days. If the payment will not be done during this term, penalty in the amount of 150 GEL will be charged. In case if the penalty will not be paid during 30 days, this case should be enforced according to the procedures defined in Georgian law.

Towing Lot 1:
"D. Agmashenebeli Ave. N164"
Towing Lot 2:
"Kavtaradze Street N19"
Towing Lot 3:
"Varketili 3
between blocks N13 and N15