News feeds allows customers to fined out more about the innovations that CT-PARK is proposing. Through videos or informations bulletins it is possible to observe the CT-PARK's involvement in social life and our contribution to the amelioration of service provision.


April 10, 2018

Be aware that, CT Park hotline working hours: 10:00-18:00 in working days.
For information related to towed vehicles, please apply to hotline or service center.
Please, pay attention: CT Park tickets issued including April 9, 2018 have legal force and it is mandatory to pay them, otherwise will be used Enforcement Mechanisms prescribed by Georgian Legislation.


March 29, 2018

Please be aware, that according to Tbilisi Municipality decision, in order to park the vehicle on parking places in Tbilisi, it is mandatory to have parking permit. Information about purchased parking permits will be automatically transferred to new company and will be active during that period for which it will be purchased (i.e. 1 week, 6 months or 1 year).


CT Park tickets issued including April 9, 2018 have legal force and it is mandatory to pay them, otherwise will be used Enforcement Mechanisms prescribed by Georgian Legislation.

March 14, 2018

Statement of the owners of CT Park Ltd

Yesterday’s announcement by the mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze regarding unilateral termination of the agreement with CT Park is an illegal, premeditated political act and the latest example of how the Georgian government treats foreign investors. The entire state apparatus, including various branches of government, have been used in a well-coordinated, concerted effort to unlawfully drive CT Park out of Georgia. The authorities have acted in bad faith and disregarded continuous communications from the investor as well as the fact that there are two pending court cases whereby CT Park challenges the absurd allegations that it has violated Georgian law. The authorities have attempted to create an illusion of legal process where the end result (illegal termination of contract due to the interests of certain groups standing above the law and the judiciary) was predetermined. CT Park will consider all options and remedies available to it under Georgian and international law. CT Park owners will also bring this information to the attention of Israeli and international business community. This will no doubt reflect negatively on the Georgian investment climate, which apparently does not concern powerful bureaucrats acting in self-interest.

David Pila                                                          Natan Shorer

May 31, 2017. 

While paying ticket issued after 1/06/2017, please pay attention to treasury code given on ticket.


May 2, 2014.

Company "CT- Park" starts a large-scale public outreach campaign, with the slogan

 - Tbilisi, without traffic jams!

“CT Park” will reward the best clients – well organized drivers will receive parking permits for present!


Well organized parking system in all big cities around the world is one of the key preconditions for a safe and comfortable traffic.  CT-Park’s mission is to systematize and regulate parking system in Tbilisi. CT Park starts a large-scale public outreach campaign from May 2, 2014 to provide the drivers with full information about parking rules:

Parking methods on parking areas; Prohibiting signs; Dangers that could lead to a violation of parking rules; why to take into the account the rights of pedestrians and the disabled people; what can happen in case of violation of parking rules, etc. For this purpose the company produced special information materials, which will be distributed in different areas of Tbilisi. Tbilisi Auto Schools will be involved in the informational campaign.  Representatives of CT - Park will organize some special meetings periodically for future drivers to explain them the parking rules and its importance in details.  CT Park with the activities like that will remind the citizens of Tbilisi as well as the visitors in the city, that if they obey the parking rules, they will reduce the risk of traffic jams and at the same time they will increase the capacity of safe and comfortable transportation in Tbilisi.  In order to encourage drivers to obey parking rules, the company CT-Park detected its best customers –well organized drivers, who do not forget to buy parking permits and who do not break the parking rules.  CT-Park will give them its Parking Permits for present.   Visit our website: WWW. CT-PARK. GE, enter your vehicle's license plate number in a special box and check whether you are in the list of the Best Customers of CT-Park or not.   

The company "CT Park" will reward about two hundred drivers.   

In the meantime, we remind you to follow the parking rules; do not make traffic jams and do not violate the rights of pedestrians and people with disabilities.

You can watch videos on CT-PARK's YouTube channel:


Obey parking rules
Obey parking rules
City Park has opened a new service center
Newly branded evacuators of C.T. Park
Presentation of the new web-page of C.T. Park
Media Fashion Event 2012

Parking on a place for a disabled person is allowed only for vehicle owner with special permit issued by Tbilisi Municipality. If a permit is not presented the owner of a vehicle car will be fined and the vehicle will be moved to a towing lot.
Please show respect toward a disable person.
Obtaining and parking with special permit.
The permit for a disabled person is issued by the Transport Department of Tbilisi Municipality on a basis of required documentation. The permit is free of charge, valid for 2 years and can be used only on vehicle it is issued for.
If a permit is not placed on a vehicle in accordance with the rules and the vehicle is parked on a place for a disabled person, this case will be considered as unauthorized parking.

City Park has opened a new service center. In the service center citizens will be able in Kandelaki 47 - get any service in connection with the parking. Also pay parking fees, fines, and get all information about the status of the vehicle. In the new service center citizens will get and juridical, advice on legal issues related to the problem. The new service center is equipped with modern standards and citizens can get our help very fast. Another innovation in the new service center which will benefit the citizens is no commission on parking fees. Only here in our service center drives can pay parking fee without commission.

Newly branded evacuators of C.T. Park have just arrived to Tbilisi city. For the sake of better informing the citizens of the capital, C.T. Park marked its evacuators with web-page address and the hot line number. Through the web-page of the Company, drivers can easily check the status of their vehicles and pay the parking fees and fines. Any questions of the vehicle owners will be quickly answered on the hot line of C.T. Park.

Presentation of the new web-page of C.T. Park was held at Mariott Tbilisi on 29 May

Even more comfortable way of payment for the vehicle owners. C.T. Park offers the drivers a simplified way of payment through the Company’s web-page . By logging to our web-page, you can purchase parking permit, pay the fine as well as the fees for evacuation. For this end, the vehicle owners have to indicate in designated area state registration number of the vehicle and afterwards opt for respective service (purchasing parking permit, payment of the fine and evacuation fee). Through the web you can find out the date of expiry of the parking permit and check whether your vehicle has been fined or not. Media Fashion Event 2012 sponsored by CT-Park

Famous faces on stage and over 60 journalists acting as models. Media Fashion Event 2012 scheduled for beginning of June will be held in Radisson BLU Iveria. The well known representatives of various Televisions listed will be participating in the event, journalists and anchors among them: Imedi TV, Rustavi 2, Region TV, Real TV, Caucasia and Public Broadcaster.

The famous Georgian journalists will be presenting the collection of designer Eka Tadumadze. Costume, dress or accessory is created especially for each journalist and will be presented to all media representatives participating in the event from the sponsor. CT-Park is the sponsor of Media Fashion Event 2012.

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