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The vehicle will be fined in one of the following cases:

  • Parking fee is not paid but the  vehicle is   parked on the  paid parking area;
  • Parking method is violated;
  • Double-parking takes place;
  • The vehicle is parked on a special parking place without having a special permission;
  • The vehicle is parked within the coverage area of "No Parking" or "No Stopping" signs.

Note: In case of nonpayment of fine in due term indicated by law (30 days) the owner of the car will get a penalty with an amount of 150 (one hundred fifty) GEL.

If you lose the fine form (ticket), you can pay online on our web-site OR please address to the "C.T Park" office: 47 Kandelaki Str. Tbilisi and request the copy of the fine, enabling you to pay in any bank.

Please be advised that:
Ticket fine is paid in state budget.
Receiver Name: Budget Revenue Account
Receiver Bank: State Treasury
Bank Code: TRESGE22

Treasury code: Treasury code, to which fine should be paid can be 300773250 or 300773239
and is dependent on ticket issuance date and violation. For detailed information, please check
below car plate number or ticket number.

You can check and pay on website unpaid tickets issued during last 36 Month, also active tickets, which are under proceeding.

Paid ticket will be shown on webpage within 30 days of payment

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